Materially streamlines the process from quote-to-cash, eliminating time consuming, error prone tasks

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Accept digital orders from your customers

Automatically generate invoice reports

Access real time delivery notifications and status updates

Receive real-time delivery confirmation

Save time updating customers and truckers on directions and delivery status

Access customized reports and analytics on sales and deliveries

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Supplier order portal
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Individual order details
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Supplier ticket portal
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Report configuration / generation
Materially is building a solution that our industry is sorely lacking. By better connecting us to our customers and truckers, they will save us time and help us run more smoothly
VP of Sales, Aggregate Supplier


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Save your dispatchers time: reduce the time spent by dispatchers by over 50% per order by automatically receiving accurate, comprehensive information in the Materially order portal

Optimize quoting and bid management: easily generate accurate, competitive quotes and save your salespeople 2+ hours per day

Eliminate invoice disputes with customers: leave invoice disputes in the past by receiving real-time delivery verification, saving 20+ employee hours per week and improving AR days by 25%+